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Are you Running Toward Your Next Goal?

Inspiring Keynote Presentations!

For taking information to a team when deciding to hire Jennifer: Print Speakers One Sheet  and select one of the Topic Flyers here to print also:

Running Toward Your Dream Flyer
Running Toward Your Team Goals Flyer

Think It, Plan It, Do It! Flyer

Myers-Briggs® Keynotes and Programs

See Myers-Briggs® page for Keynote, Workshops, Research, Resources and MBTI® products

Women’s Events/Faith Programs

See Women’s Events page for Programs, Resources and Products

Running Toward Your Dream Series:

Choose from 5 versions of this ONE program for your event!

Click links for Program Descriptions. All are the same base program but provide different examples and activities depending on the focus of your groups needs. Customization available if needs vary from the below. 

CD         DVD

Running Toward Your Dream! Actualizing “life” goals… 

(Click on link for program description)      

Running Toward Your Dream! –  CD $20    DVD $30

(If you are an Individual purchasing a program – select the version with the title that fits you best!)


Running Toward Your Teams Goals Getting everyone clear and focused!

(Click on link for program description)   

Running Toward Your Team Goals –  CD  $20 


Running Toward Your Next JobClarify your search: Vision, Plan, Action

(Click on link for program description)

Running Toward Your Next Job –  CD  $20


Running Toward Your … Workbook!

This workbook will walk you through the steps of the Running Toward Your Goals programs.Vision activity, Planning pages, and Action encouragement of how to get it all done.Work through the plan on paper then implement steps and tasks into your current systems.One step a day can get you there faster than confusion and lack of plans! Start today by ordering now. Set is on sale so why wait?

Running Toward Your Dream Workbook –  $39

Running Toward Your Dream Starter Set (Workbook + CD) = $59 On Sale $49


Think It, Plan It, Do It Life Defining Moments

(Click on link for program description)

Think It, Plan It, Do It –  CD  $20 


Achieving BIG Goals Vision, Plan, Action – Where are You Getting Stuck?

(Click on link for program description)

Vision, Plan, Action, Where are you getting Stuck? –  CD $20


Winning Strategies: 15 Speakers Set!

Motivation and Inspiration from Professional Athletes and Success Coaches. Featuring John Maxwell, Rich Fettke, Vince Lombardi Jr. and 12 others. Jennifer is the only female in the set with her audio CD “Running Toward Your Dream!”

Winning Strategies Speaker Set:   13 CD’s + 2 DVD’s – $99. Now just $79


Every presentation and seminar is custom designed to meet your audience needs.
Jennifer will tailor programs for your:

  • Convention keynote
  • Break out session
  • Retreat or off-site meeting
  • Half or day-long seminar
  • Luncheon or dinner program
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Employee “thank you” gift
  • Leadership series

For Consulting Options

For Training Programs

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