Organization Development Consulting (OD)
Teambuilding / Group Consulting
Individual Coaching (One-to-one)

Running the distance with you…


MOST requested consulting:

MBTI – Myers-Briggs®
  • Couples (Testing and Interpretation)
  • Teams/Groups (Testing, Interpretation & Training)
  • Teambuilding (MBTI® Team Report)
  • Entire Organization (3-Hour Training) or Conference (One hour keynote or more)
  • Individuals (Interpretation & Coaching)

              See Myers-Briggs page

Leadership/Management Development
  • One-to-one coaching
  • 2-3 hour training sessions
  • Six week management development coaching


                            Time Management
Goal Planning and Setting
Getting Organized: Desk, Goals, Life
Getting Your Team Together
Listening Skills
Assertive Communication
Handling Interruptions, Distractions and Telephones
Successful Delegation


  • Management Meetings
  • Retreats
  • Conflict Situations
Qualifications/Experience in OD:
  • Masters of Organization Development, USF
  • Fifteen years experience as a business owner and an OD consultant
  • Eight years management experience prior to business owner
  • OD Network (association) and other OD colleagues
  • Have worked with over 100 organizations
Contact Jennifer Speaks! for more information and results with organizations. In order to maintain confidentiality for clients, specific names of companies and individuals will not be shared in most cases. 

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