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Explaining Myers-Briggs® Programs

Educational Myers-Briggs® Programs

If taking information to a team to decide whether to hire Jennifer: Print her Speaker Onesheet and then one of the following flyers depending on your needs:

Available as 1-hour Keynote, 90-minute Breakout Sessions, and 3-hour Seminars

Leading Beyond Your Own StyleOptimizing the Strengths of Others!

(Click on link for program description)

Leading Beyond Your Own Style –  CD  $20  Download – $15


Communicating Beyond Your Own StyleUsing MBTI® to connect successfully with all styles.

(Click on link for program description) 

Communicating Beyond Your Own Style –  CD  $20 Download – $15

Other Alternatives for Titles:

Discovering Your GiftsUnderstanding the Myers-Briggs® types and how to use them.

Understanding the Myers-Briggs® TypesAnyone driving you crazy?


Managing Beyond Your Own Style Managing the different types in their style.

(Click on link for program description)

Managing Beyond Your Own Style –  CD  $20   Download – $15


Selling Beyond Your Own Style– Using the MBTI® types to help others make decisions quicker!

(Click on link for program description)

Selling Beyond Your Own Style –  CD  $20   Download – $15


Teaching Beyond Your Own StyleApplying the MBTI® types in the classroom to reach all styles.

(Click on link for program description)

Teaching Beyond Your Own Style –  CD  $20  Download – $15


Exploring Your Child’s Personality Knowing, supporting and motivating your child.

(Click on link for program description)

Exploring Your Child’s Personality – CD $20  Download – $15



How Your Personality Impacts Your Prayer and Worship Style

(Click on link for program description)

How Personality Impacts Your Prayer & Worship Style – CD $20 Download – $15


MBTI Handout – 4 page



Research and Articles

Consulting Offered

  • Myers Briggs® Type Indicator
    • Individual One-to-one (Interpretation & Coaching)
    • Couples (Testing and Interpretation)
    • Teams/Groups (Testing, Interpretation & Training)
    • Entire Organization or Conference (3-Hour Training, Team follow-up)
  • Myers Briggs® Team Report
    • Team Testing of MBTI® Required (Each member must take the MBTI®)
    • Team reporting and interpretation
    • Team training and teambuilding
    • Coaching for individual team members
How can the MBTI Team report help your group?

  • Identify Team strengths and potential weaknesses
  • Maximize advantages of similarities and differences of team members
  • Minimize weak spots/conflict areas


Myers-Briggs (MBTI®) materials

Pictured are the self-scorable Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a few selections from the Introduction to Type® Series.

Along with the initial MBTI training session, each participant receives the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and Introduction to Type®.


Many participants, especially leaders and team members, find the Introduction to Type in Organizations, Introduction to Type and Teams, and Introduction to Type and Coaching as excellent tools to increase understanding of coworkers and themselves. Many more books and tools are available to match your individual needs and interests.

To find out information on prices for each product and guidance toward the products that might be best for you, please feel free to contact Jennifer or any qualified MBTI consultant.



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