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January 10, 2011

Rock Star and Princess are Dead!

Author: Tony
Happy New Year!
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Rock Star & Princess are dead!
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Rock Star & Princess are dead!
On December 26th we were in a bit of a “Christmas Coma” – the aftermath of a wonderful month full of family, friends, events, shopping, wrapping, eating, singing, opening gifts and sharing time with those we love and cards with those we miss. We might have not left the house but it happened to be a Sunday so we did and after church we went to buy a fish for my 5 year old daughter because Santa had given her a fish bowl, a net, some food and water conditioner. She was excited to pick one out and ended up with two! One goldfish had a black stripe all down “his” back and the 12 year old son helped name him Rock Star. The other one was a mix of orange and white and “she” got the name Princess (via the 5 year old). So home we went with Rock Star and Princess along with the pink, purple and green rocks and a big pink castle fitting for thier names and the desires of a 5 year old girl full of princess wishes. How does this fit with your goals? Read on…
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