January 10, 2011

Rock Star and Princess are Dead!

Author: Tony
Happy New Year!
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Rock Star & Princess are dead!
Are you squandering your time or resources?
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Rock Star & Princess are dead!
On December 26th we were in a bit of a “Christmas Coma” – the aftermath of a wonderful month full of family, friends, events, shopping, wrapping, eating, singing, opening gifts and sharing time with those we love and cards with those we miss. We might have not left the house but it happened to be a Sunday so we did and after church we went to buy a fish for my 5 year old daughter because Santa had given her a fish bowl, a net, some food and water conditioner. She was excited to pick one out and ended up with two! One goldfish had a black stripe all down “his” back and the 12 year old son helped name him Rock Star. The other one was a mix of orange and white and “she” got the name Princess (via the 5 year old). So home we went with Rock Star and Princess along with the pink, purple and green rocks and a big pink castle fitting for thier names and the desires of a 5 year old girl full of princess wishes. How does this fit with your goals? Read on…
On January 1st we found Rock Star belly up. It’s hard to explain to a crying 5 year old the details such as water conditioner and food amounts have to be right. We had the opportunity to talk about life and death and all the other little fish that her brothers had buried in the back yard. She finally realized that she needed to be strong for Princess because Princess would need her to be there for her and take care of her. The next day we found Princess floating. Now it’s a double funeral and so far my “accomplishments for the year” were killing two fish and saddening my daughter. What can we learn about the fleeting life of Rock Stars and Princesses? Castles and flashy looks can’t hide the need for the basics of life nor save a small princess from the realities of life and death. How are you doing on providing for the needs for your family, yourself, your daily routines, goals and big dreams?  Let’s not squander the gifts of time and resources we have been given. Learn what you did wrong last time and buy another fish! 
Note – Cutie Pie (Pie is her middle name) is alive and well and living in the princesses castle…
Are You Squandering Your Time and Resources?  
After the Christmas Coma I always like to sit down and review the year – through the calendar of events for the family, work and events of the year. Then I pull out my quarterly and annual goals and accomplishments pages. I like to see if I finished what I set out to do and what surprises occurred along the way. I’m sure you have some routine too even if it’s as brief as a thought about Resolutions. Staying on course takes effort. Setting goals and tracking our progress can be fun or can be frustrating. Either way – we get to where we are headed more often if we do steer the wheel and look ahead further than a few feet. Avoids accidents too!
Have you reviewed last year yet and planned for the next 3 months? One month is pretty short and one year is pretty long so I do encourage you to set some quarterly goals whether you are in a business that tracks quarterly or not. As a busy mom I also fill one out for our family quarterly goals. So what do you want to accomplish, learn or grow in by April? What would January, February and March look like if you designed them today? If you want a simple form for that – two are attached – one for goals and one for accomplishments…Keeping it simple, on paper, and refer to it quarterly filling in the accomplishments page each time! These forms are also great to use for Mastermind groups to help clarify goals.
Where’s Jennifer Speaking for public programs?
          January 12th – “Moms of All Seasons”, Maranatha Chapel http://www.maranathachapel.org/?p=1179
                                      Topic “Getting to the Heart of Your Gifts”
          March 9, 2011- SDRBA – San Diego Recreation and Benefits Association – http://www.sdrba.com/
                                      Topic – Running Toward Your Dream
          April 8, 2011      NAPO – National Assn. of Professional Organizers – http://www.napo.net/default.aspx
                                       Topic – Organizing Beyond Your Own Personality Style
Any others are private events! Please come see any of the above events if you are interested and refer me if you know an organization who needs what I offer!
So Rock Star and Princess are gone, those fleeting days were fun and now it’s down to the business of keeping the new goldfish Cutie pie alive and other goals for the year. Just keep in mind, if YOU are a Rock Star or a Princess make sure to invest in the world around you and things that matter for we never know how long we have! Don’t squander your time and resources. Maybe keep spreading a little holiday cheer all year long.
Blessing to you all in 2011!
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