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Yes - it's been a while since my last "quarterly" newsletter! A few people even asked me recently if I'm still speaking so I knew it was time for a newsletter! Although this economy has been rough for the speaking industry, this is my passion and purpose (which is what I teach!) so I'll be sticking around through thick and thin. A time of "lean" also focuses us on the "core business" and "heart" of what we need to do. I've needed a change in overall marketing look for a while and as soon as you see it you'll probably agree..... So....I've been busy Re-branding! Get prepared for NEW (you might not even recognize me at first glance if you met me with short hair prior to 2 years ago).
The new company name is ....(drumroll).....  Jennifer Speaks! There is a new logo (JS with heart), new colors (black, red and gold) and so much more read more
And if that wasn't enough NEW, there are now 18 new programs recorded on CD that you can find on the site - yes - I've been talking to walls FOR YOU! After 15 years talking to live audiences I wasn't sure I could talk to a wall. But all I had to do was picture you (my past audiences) and I knew exactly what you would want to know, what you would ask, and how your face would look as I challenged, humored, or gave examples to you... read more
So, the result....NEW STUFF! New Programs, and Now...many "old brand" items that need to go!
FIRESALE! - All my materials with the previous branding (CD's, Books, DVD's, booklets) - are $5 each! So, to match the economy, our pocket books, and great savings all around us (if we are out there purchasing) now you can get that program (before it's gone!) for less than the cost of producing them all. Unbelievable Summer Savings!
So rather than tell you a bunch of new stuff or give you articles in this Ezine - I'll cut this off so you can go explore the new site and see what you find. Check out the 3 new videos, new photos, new programs, and many great deals if you've always wanted to share a program with someone or your team, company or friend! You can't beat a $5 gift that is worth so much more! For some fun - See if you can find 1. my middle name (it's only in ONE place) and 2. guess what name is missing that was on the previous site? The first to find both gets a prize! Close friends and family who already know the answers don't count!
For my friends and colleagues that are on this list just to keep in touch with what I'm up to -  I look forward to seeing you next time we do!
Have a wonderful summer and I'll be in touch again soon!
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 Jennifer Sedlock is a professional speaker, author, consultant, wife and mother of 3. She provides motivational keynotes and programs to organizations, associations and retreats. With a masterís degree in Organization Development and a management career prior, she gets bottom line results while entertaining and encouraging. Jennifer loves to help people move toward their dreams through understanding their personality style, planning out their goals, and making sure they are on the right path to their ultimate journey. Visit her online at http://www.jenniferspeaks.com/. 

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