Jennifer Speaks! July 2009
Are you on the path to your dream...
or still just wandering around?

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        "Running Toward Your Dream" presentation this Thursday July 9th, 11-1
         for Women's Alliance Network (WAN). Public welcome to attend. 
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      Are we really in control? Are you feeling less and less in control of your job, your surroundings, your  
government, your future? With all that is happening in the world around us, it's hard not to worry about all kinds of things that we watch, read or see in our local areas. The world is definitely changing and drifting in a direction that doesn't appear good from any angle. What we choose to focus on does impact our experience of anything though. Most of us do have the capacity to control our own reactions, emotions and feelings about situations. We have that free choice and can learn to train our minds to not obsess about things. I've decided to do something about the things that I can (and choose to make an impact), focus on the things I can control or have clear choices about, and find peace with the things I can not control or do not choose to invest (time) in right now. What are you obsessing about that you need to let go of?
What are you putting off that you really want or need to do? How are you moving forward in faith that all will be fine? Do you have a clear plan of moving forward in something? Thinking it through can save you a lot of angst in the process! Create a clear picture of what you want, then start brainstorming all the things you need to do to get there (and write it down) and then start taking 1-2 actions steps toward what you want, every single day (in the midst of your busy schedule). This is why I was led to create the workbook for the program Running Toward Your Dream. I know it might not solve some of the biggest concerns in your life...but feeling in control of moving toward some of the things you want to bring into your life can make a daily difference in your own attitude, happiness and feeling of hope toward obtaining what you want. Just remember, we are all in the boat of this earth together right now... and for some reason you and I have crossed paths - My purpose and path has become to spread tools and inspiration to help you and others to paddle through life toward the ultimate goals. Take charge today of what you can!
                           (20 pages)
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 Jennifer Sedlock is a professional speaker, author, consultant, wife and mother of 3. She provides motivational keynotes and programs to organizations, associations and retreats. With a masterís degree in Organization Development and a management career prior, she gets bottom line results while entertaining and encouraging. Jennifer loves to help people move toward their dreams through understanding their personality style, planning out their goals, and making sure they are on the right path to their ultimate journey. Visit her online at

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