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                         Are you Running Toward Your Life Purpose? .... or just Running Toward Your Next Job?
«    New Holiday CD in production! Refer Jennifer now for this talk for Sept, Oct and November!
«    Spring Coaching Special:    May Day, May Day..... Only $50! (66% off $150!)
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Now that your taxes are done…. What Next? 
With the current economy many people who have been working the same job or industry for years are now finding themselves out of a job and still reeling from the loss. Is this you? If so, just take 3 simple steps (not easy given your situation, but simple if you try it). Vision, Plan, Action. These are the three steps to successfully landing where you want to go.

Vision: Create the vision by sitting down with a piece of paper and dreaming – ask yourself “What would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail?” and “What are all the things I want to still do in my life?” “Can I get paid for any of them? Can I do what I love and get paid for it?"

Plan: Then after you make a list of big and small ideas, pluck one off to “brainstorm” ideas on how to make it happen. Put the idea in the center of a piece of paper and make it into a realistic, tangible goal. Such as: To start a new career in ______ by Aug. 2009. Then start asking yourself (or have others help you!) “What are all the things I need to do to achieve this goal?” Keep asking that, answering that and jotting down the ideas all around the page. Warning – do not do a linear list at this point – keep it free flowing and full of ideas, both outrageous and practical. You can analyze them later.

Action: Now you get to analyze the ideas. Decide what to move on first. Prioritize the ideas, rewrite them if you wish, or just work off this page, highlighting or checking off as you accomplish them. Break all items down to a “task level” in order to place “to do's” straight into your calendar! Thus, even in the midst of a busy life, you can get 1-2 action items in per day and start moving faster toward your goals, next job and hopefully your Life Purpose! If you are seeking to match your new job to your personality for the right fit – see the Myers-Briggs page on my website for a program that does just that!
Vision, Plan, Action:     okay, now RUN!!!!
Financial Peace – Do you have it? Have you heard Dave on his radio show?

My husband and I just completed “Financial Peace University” which is a 12-week program offered across the country in many locations, various time a year, and most likely in your city down the street!

This is one of the most important programs anyone can go through to set you up for life with a solid foundation of financial information. Thousands of people are getting out of debt, learning how to have emergency funds, pick the right insurance, investments, career, college investment programs, real estate, 5 step buying power principals, cash flow planning, training your children and more all in a 7 baby steps process … and this is coming from a pretty educated (master's degree), finance major in undergrad, running her own business 14 years, woman…this was GOOD stuff. We are now (3 months later) “free” in so many ways we never were before, even though we weren't in debt. If you have ANY debt beyond a house, and even if you don't – this is the most important class you could take to make a different legacy for your family and change your life! (and I get zilch for saying this – I just care to pass along this absolutely life changing program). Give it as a gift too….Who do you know who needs this?

New Workbook coming out this spring!

Running Toward Your Life Purpose. This workbook is designed to help people actualize their goals. It contains tools for the 3 steps above in the first article: Vision, Plan and Action. The base program it will be for is “Running Toward Your Dream” and the other two mentioned above as well – Life Purpose and Next Job. The concepts apply. The workbook will have the forms to help you dream again, help you map out a plan for your goals (taken from your dream list – the only difference between a dream and a goal is a PLAN). Then how to do the action steps – breaking the plan down to easy, one step, action items so that they are realistic to add to your busy calendar and move toward that goal on a weekly basis!
Workbook available at all Running Toward Your Dream programs
Will be used in coaching sessions (and sent to you after our session if on the phone)
Also available on the website soon!

New Holiday CD in production!
            Topic: Keeping priorities balanced during the holidays!    (Hint: Men, this is a great gift for your wife!)

If you could experience a better holiday season, what would that look like?
How can you Prepare Your Heart and Home for the Holidays?

Purpose, Passion, Priorities

Are you women trying to “do it all” at the holidays? Are you usually frazzled, worn out and gone to one too many parties by December 15th? This program is 50 minutes on keeping centered on Christ for the holidays and keeping a focus on the most important priorities for you and your family. Ideas include how to choose which events to attend, traditions to keep or toss, and many new ideas you might like to try. Make sure to plan ahead and listen to this by October! This Program for women's events are best booked in September, October and November at the latest! So…

          Book your pre-holiday programs and/or refer Jennifer now for holiday programs!
                    Title: Celebrating Christ-Centered Holidays!

Spring Coaching Special 
May Day, May Day
Two Days only!
 Wednesday May 13th, and Monday May 18th
  $50 for one hour of coaching
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What should you be doing now with your time, talents and resources?
Where am you headed?   How can you get more focused to achieve the things you want to do?
If this is what you need,  take advantage of this Spring Coaching Special to get laser focused NOW!

Coaching Session Includes:
● Working through your Vision, Plan and Action Steps!
● Three (3) focused tools to help you organize all your ideas
● Program packet with samples & workbook pages - sent to you after the session with YOUR information in it!
● Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our time, you'll be reimbursed!

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Giving Wings to your Heart
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