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«     Where did the year go? 

I think I blinked and 2008 flew by. Did you blink too? Makes me think of that country song titled “Don't blink” and it's a song about as you'd expect … life moving quickly by (and not to wish any of it away either).

We have a new addition to our family so check Sammy out in the photo above. Stephen, Joshua and Faith continue to fill my heart, time, and zap all my patience! They LOVE having a dog and since we rescued him at least we had the benefit of someone else training him. He adds a lot of joy, fun and more walks to our holiday season!

My new programs for women this year took off and became 50% of my business for 2008. The top one was “Being a Mom and a Wife and Still Having a Life!” People everywhere are busy, busy, busy – especially this time of year (so I'll keep this SHORT). Enjoy the holidays and time with your families!

«     Featured New Programs from 2008

« Teaching Beyond Your Own Style Applying the MBTI® Types in the Classroom to Reach All Styles. This program is similar to “Leading Beyond Your Own Style” but is customized now for educators (and for all levels of education).
       Program Description
« Nurturing Your Children in their Type Knowing, Supporting and Motivating Your Child. This program is designed specifically for parents for school (PTA and inservice) education programs. If parents can understand and connect with their children better, kids will be nurtured into the direction of their gifted areas earlier in life!
       Program Description

« Being a Mom and Wife and Still Having a Life! This program encourages mom's to pursue their own passions alongside all the other priorities and people in their lives. I always remember the saying “If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!” What do you need to do today to be happy?
       Program Description
       Keynote Handout

Pirates of Carlsbad California (wishing we were in the Caribbean!) Oh, and those who haven't seen me in a while, yes I grew the hair longer again (to match Faith's of course). She is currently winning in length…Josh is the masked Pirate.

« Feature Article: “21 Days to Getting Organized”

by Mary Goulet and Heather Reider of http://www.momstown.com/


I hope you've had a GREAT year and are getting prepared for 2009. I thought you might enjoy some ideas on getting organized for the New Year. When Mary and Heather sent these organization tips to their “momstown” subscribers, they sent them one day at a time. I liked their tips and thought of YOU (my subscribers) and wanted to share the whole list with you! Mary graciously accepted the offer to be in this Ezine and sent the list for you! Here are a couple days I selected, then you can click onto the link for the entire 21 days. Perhaps print it and read/do ONE per day! Best to you in the New Year on GETTING ORGANIZED (and I'll be trying them too!). Tell me your favorites…

Day 2

Think you have no time? If you think it, you're right. Perception is reality. If you keep

telling yourself you don't have enough time in the day, then you'll never have it. Change the way you talk to yourself about time and you'll find time beginning to work in your favor.

Day 11

One of the best ways to get and stay organized is to avoid the daily grind. Carve out time during each day to do something you enjoy. A simple walk around the block, a few minutes watching the sunset, a 20 minute nap (it is possible--sometimes!) A few moments for you is energizing and great way to help you enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Find Mary Goulet and Heather Reider, authors of It's your “Big Break” manual and hosts of the Mary and Heather show at http://www.momstown.com/


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HAVE a very Happy New Year!

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