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«     Out of the Ashes … Jennifer 

Can all the life possessions you care about fit in a minivan?
Southern California is obviously NOT the place to be in October … Each year we watch how the Santa Anna winds will blow (in circles) and what will happen in our local area after all the tourists have long gone home in late September. This year you certainly couldn't have missed the news on all the wildfires here – so I'm sure all of my readers across the country at some point thought about San Diego or southern California over the past month! I'll share with you here some of my “story” in evacuating and living through this as some of you have already called or emailed to find out if I still have a home…
At 6 am on Monday October 22nd I awoke to a 911 call to “prepare to evacuate” my home. My husband was traveling, the 3 kids in bed still and I was in need of some coffee real quick to figure out if this was real or not. So I flipped on the TV on my way to the coffee pot. It didn't take long to figure out that I should quit starting my “list of what to pack,” set my coffee down, and start packing! I woke up my 7 and 9 year old boys to let them know we had to pack 4 outfits each (according to the news person) and some toys they might want along with their most prized possessions. I did explain we could replace anything purchased, but that didn't stop them from bringing Lego's, baseball cards, Pokemon cards, game boys and anything else that could fit into a backpack. I left the baby sleeping while we packed. My youngest son must have stashed 20 t-shirts into various bags and boxes over the next hour as I packed our family photos, computers, kid's memorabilia, journals to the kids and artwork of theirs. It's funny what goes through your mind in a pressure situation like this and “the rest
«     Upcoming public events
There are none! Everything I have scheduled in the next few months are private programs – sorry! Thanks to those of you who are referring retreats and private clients to me, especially in California! The new webpage (with new topics) from July has had 4 bookings from it now!
«     Previous events
  • Goldie Hawn was our luncheon speaker in Fresno at the Central CA Women's Conference with 3500 women! I did 2 breakouts and had a great time with the women of the Fresno area! See Goldie at: Actress inspires conference attendees
  • The Your Beauty Network event with 400 Salon Owners was a kick and they all think I need to update my photos to show you that my hair is now past my shoulders…only the hair experts would be so concerned! J Love you guys!
  • Hello also to everyone from the VA event in Coronado, Homeland Security in Los Angeles, MOPS, and all those Medical PhD students and Post Docs out in Milwaukee, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, U. of Chicago and Madison. Hope you are now “on fire” in your careers and relationships and burning a path toward your goals and dreams!
Welcome to all my new subscribers from these events and others the past 3 months!

«     Feature Article: by Dr. Chad Patrick 

The Average American…
  • Watches 4 hours of TV per day (that's 36.5 full-time work weeks) and sees 30,000 television commercials per year!
  • Body contains residues of at least 13 different pesticides and herbicides (weed killers) from non organic food.
  • Gains 7-10 pounds over the holidays! (70-100 lbs every 10 yrs!)
  • Consumes 2000 Calories per day including 20 teaspoons of sugars!
  • Eats the following in a year…
    • 30 pounds of cheese
    • 15 pounds of full fat ice cream
    • 7 pounds of low fat ice cream
    • 135 pounds of white & whole wheat breads, cereals, pancakes, cakes & cookies
    • 19 pounds of rice
    • 11 pounds of pasta
    • 28 pounds of corn flower, starch & grits
    • 78 pounds of added fats & oils due to food processing!
    • 35 pounds of cooking oils
    • 35 pounds of butter & margarine
    • 152 pounds of ADDED SUGAR!
    • 111 pounds of red meat
    • 83 pounds of poultry & seafood
    • 276 pounds of fruits & vegetables - up only 10% over 1970!
    • 16 gallons of whole & 2% milk - down from 28 gallons in 1970
    • 55 gallons of soda! (That's 587 cans)!!!
    • 27 gallons of coffee
    • 28 gallons of beer
    • 9 gallons of fruit juice
    • 60 hot dogs
    • 16 pounds of chocolate
  • Is overweight or obese (60% of the population)!
  • Takes 4 medications per day by the time they reach 65!
  • Male dies at 72.5 years old, females at 78.9. (Compared to 75.2 and 81.2 in Canada, and 77.6 and 88.4 in Japan) – hint they take fewer drugs than we do!

The point of this compilation of facts is that if you want to live a life like everyone else, and die like everyone else, just do what they do. Medical research and the Bible both agree that we should live to have 80-120 healthy years! The average American plan is a recipe for an early demise. Look at your life compared to the average. Maybe it is time to make a few changes. Eat right (try an organic vegetable once in a while), exercise, find a chiropractor and get adjusted, and think about how God gave the body an ability to heal itself before reaching for a drug.

For more information about natural health please visit http://www.drchadpatrick.com/or call (760) 942-7441 to schedule an appointment to unleash your body's full potential.

Thank you Dr. Patrick for your article, and also for your wonderful offer to help all firefighters in the area during and after the fires. These acts of giving make a community strong.

«       Special of the quarter: I usually have a special, but in light of the fires, I'd like to instead encourage you to give to someone in need around you or to one of the relief funds for the fires here in Southern California.

I hope you, your businesses and your families have a very wonderful Christmas and I'll be in touch next year!  


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